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Charles Wollertz

Bald Eagle in Flight

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Artist: Charles Wollertz

Format: Standout Surface black border Lustre coating

Dimensions: 16" x 24"


Sometimes you stumble upon a picture in the most unexpected places. While driving near Crater Lake, Oregon in spring I noticed a group of large birds on the side of the road ahead that were feeding on a thawing elk that had been hit in winter. I had my camera with me that day, and surprisingly, also had on a telephoto lens. As I passed, I notice that in the middle of the buzzards, there was a bald eagle. I did a you-turn and pulled off to take some shots. As you would expect, getting too close made the birds scatter and I panned with the eagle as it took off to capture this shot. The up-close and personal way the eagle is posed in this image makes it one of my favorites.

Currently on display at the Bandon Coffee Café
365 Second St. SE, Bandon OR 97411