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Charles Wollertz

Cape Sebastian Sunset

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Artist: Charles Wollertz

Format: E surface Black metal frame non glare glass 2” window matt

Dimensions: 12" x 24"


This day was quite the adventure. It started by taking a walk on the beach on a rainy day. The rain stopped, so we decided to walk a little further. Up ahead we saw some people on the beach with their dogs. As we got closer, one dog looked much larger than the other two. I remember thinking, Wow! That is a big dog! Pretty soon, the dog turned out to be a donkey, which came up to us and greeted us like a dog would with a curious hello. The donkey & dogs owners said that at the end of the beach they had seen some old whale spine bones if we were interested in taking some pictures. They also remarked at seeing us on that area of the beach where not many people venture to because it is such a long walk from Kissing Rock in Gold Beach. We trekked on and on, and the beach became like one of those scary movies where the hallway continues to stretch. By the time we made it to the end to see the whale bones it was around sunset. As we started to head back, the clouds opened up and the sunshine came through to light up the mountains and the wet sand with a wonderful reflection. This picture was by pure accident, but that's how some of my best have happened. Right place at the right time. Now all we had to do was walk four miles back down the soft sandy beach, in the dark with only cell phone light, as the tide came in.

Currently on display at the Bandon Coffee Café
365 Second St. SE, Bandon OR 97411