Charles Wollertz

Geoff the Hummingbird- Square

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Artist: Charles Wollertz

Format: Stand Out Black Border

Dimensions: 20" x 20"


Hummingbird pictures take a lot of patience. And time. I always place a hummingbird feeder outside spring through fall no matter where I am. They always find it. While in Prospect, Oregon, this little guy (I named him Geoff) was a constant visitor, but still very shy. I observed his behavior over several days and learned his favorite spot to land for a rest. I set up my camera on a tripod, turned on the wi-fi to be able to take a remote photo, and then covered all but the lens with a red towel. When Geoff landed, I was able to remotely take some close up photos with details so sharp you can see each feather. I love the idea of such a small bird in a large print. I have smaller hummingbird pictures as well, but this shot of Geoff, with his commanding pose, had to get the space it deserves. If you are interested in seeing a video of how I achieved this image, you can watch it on my YouTube channel

Currently on display at the Bandon Coffee Café
365 Second St. SE, Bandon OR 97411