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Charles Wollertz

National Creek Falls

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Artist: Charles Wollertz

Format: Stand Out Black Border Lustre Coating

Dimensions: 8" x 12"


One of my favorite waterfalls in Southern Oregon is National Creek Falls near Crater Lake. For me, the most photographic angle is from in the water close to the surface. National creek is cold, your feet freeze after 30 seconds. It's fast flowing, you need a sturdy tripod to stay still. It's wet, not only the obvious from standing in the water, but the spray from the falls coats the camera lens regularly. These challenges are worth it to be able to get this shot, the one I tried for years to get. If you are interested in seeing a video of how I achieved this image, you can watch it on my YouTube channel.

Currently on display at the Bandon Coffee Café
365 Second St. SE, Bandon OR 97411