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Charles Wollertz

Storm in Glacier MT

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Artist: Charles Wollertz

Format: Stand Out Black Border E-Surface

Dimensions: 16" x 24"


In Glacier National Park, Montana, there is a famous viewpoint for Wild Goose Island and Saint Mary Lake. Thinking that the incoming storm would make the location look dynamic, I set up and took a few shots, but wasn't getting the image I had in mind. The wind was whipping up waves on the lake shore and adding motion to the scene, so I then decided to head down the overgrown trail to the water's edge to see what I could capture. This image is the result of several attempts at getting a clear shot in high wind and sideways rain. I love the motion of the water over the rocks but also keeping the full scene of the iconic location in the distance. If you are interested in seeing a video of how I achieved this image, you can watch it on my YouTube channel.

Currently on display at the Bandon Coffee Café
365 Second St. SE, Bandon OR 97411