Meet the Artist~ Cindy Pinnock

Meet the Artist~ Cindy Pinnock

Cindy Pinnock has pursued her interest in art throughout her life, starting at an
early age in elementary school and progressing into her college years and then
beyond with many private classes.

Her lifelong love of wildlife and nature is reflected in her art. She discovered her call in life was to create art which enticed her to learn many styles, forms and mediums. Acrylic painting has become her newest passion.

Her hectic life had her distracted and somewhat bored. Her senses come alive while in the studio. She listens to an eclectic genre of music, while breathing in an array of incense and essential oil. Creating allows her to focus, relax and forget about the trials of life. She wants to share the joy that this brings her with everyone.

She enjoys fine detail and can spend days, weeks or whatever it takes to complete the project. However she is also very impatient. This is where her earlier work of a unique blend of impressionistic finger painting and detailed brush work was such a great balance for her. You can view these at her favorites are the hibiscus, the elk and tiger eye.

Her artworks are as intriguing as she is. If her work can bring a person the
happiness and joy that she experienced while painting it, she has achieved her goal and purpose as an artist.

With the support of her wonderful husband she now has time to spend creating the art that makes her happy.

Cindy Pinnock currently lives on the beautiful Oregon coast.

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