What to Provide

After you decide to have Nicart Gallery display your work you will need to provide the following items:

  1. Artist Biography: Tell us a little bit about yourself, how you started creating your work, the type of art you create, how you learned your trade, where you were educated, and any awards you may have won!
  2. Artist Picture: A picture of you that you'd like to share. Could be a close-up or a photo of you in your studio creating.
  3. Items for each piece you are submitting:
  • Name/Title
  • Description
  • Category or Type of Media Used (Oil Painting, Photography, Acrylic Pour, etc)
  • Dimensions
  • Substrate Used or Finished Art Form* (Canvas, Metal, Framed Art, etc)
  • Price
  • Digital Photo of each piece you are submitting:
    1. 1000x1000 pix (having the edges of our art touching the edges of the digital photo. No additional background surrounding the art piece.)
    2. Background color should be pure white. html #: ffffff
    3. Resolution of the photo should be 96dpi
    4. File format should be .jpg

    All items should be emailed to: ngraham@nicartgallery.com at least 1 week before your art is scheduled to be shown.

    Call 503.577.9076 or email ngraham@nicartgallery.com to arrange pick up of your art for display.


    *Since art will be displayed in high traffic areas it is strongly suggested that every art piece is protected or covered somehow. This means the piece is framed with glass or acrylic plexiglass over the top, printed on metal, or finished with a gloss or resin covering the canvases.