Join as a Gallery Location

Are you a local business in Bandon or Coos Bay/North Bend that gets a lot of traffic? Do you want to support the local arts in your community? Have you ever considered putting together a community art wall in your business, but don't want the stress of organizing & scheduling the artists, continual take down and hanging up of new art all the time, let alone the accounting headaches of taking payment for the art and paying each artist? Nicart Gallery is here to help!

When you sign up to be a Nicart community art gallery, we do it all for you and take the hassle out of being a sponsor of the local arts! You simply donate your wall space, we sell the art and you collect a small commission on anything that sells from your location (which includes anything displayed in your store that sells on our website!).

Here's how it works:

Every 3 months we'll come in and take down all of the currently displayed art and replace it with new art from a new artist. We will also come in if a piece sells online to remove it and replace it with a new piece so your walls are never bare.

Along with all of the artwork, we will display a plaque with a QR code explaining to your patrons that all of the work displayed is available for purchase at Customers can then go to the website at home or on their smart phone, purchase the piece of art and then present to your staff the emailed confirmation of payment received. You are free to then help the customer remove the art and take it home. Your staff is never asked to handle any part of the monetary transaction.

At the time of the sale, Nicart Gallery is notified of the purchase and will replace the art with a new piece. 

At the end of every month we will send you a check for a 5% commission of everything that sells in your store, even if it sells online.

Your business gets to have its walls populated with beautiful, unique and ever-changing art work by local artists, you get to support the arts and artists in your community, and you get paid to do so!

Contact Nicole Graham if you have any further questions or would like to sign your business up!