June is Soiree Season!

June is Soiree Season!

Once upon a time,…. Before the advent of such modern day technologies as the Smart Phone, Apple Music, Spotify, or AI Generated Art,.. if you wanted to hear music or see art you had to find someone who could play an instrument and listen to it live. You had to go to a gallery and see the masters' work in person.

People would invite small ensembles of musicians to come into their homes and play for them and their friends.

During these performances, the audience was able to experience the music in a way that our modern technologies just cannot replicate. The performances were usually held in small rooms of the homes, not large concert halls. The audience was on the same level and field of vision with the musicians—not separated by stage. You became a participant, not just an observer. You were able to see them when they closed their eyes or scrunched their noses. You could see every little twitch of the bow or watch the strings as they vibrated. Together the audience and the musicians were able to experience the music as it completely enveloped them. This is how Chamber Music and the Soiree Musicale was borne.

Nicart Gallery is proud to team with the Coos Art Museum this year to bring you our own modern-day twist on the Musicale, and we’ve upped the ante. We are presenting two enchanting evenings filled with live chamber music from world class musicians for you to enjoy while you immerse yourself in the art from nine Oregon based abstract artists. While we listen, we will also be able to watch an artist's live painting interpretation of the music, and bid on the resulting painting to benefit the Coos Art Museum's Education Fund.

Join us for an evening you're sure to remember and reserve your tickets now! More event details can be found at: NicartGallery.com

Tickets can be purchased online at: www.NicartGallery.com or in person at the Coos Art Museum, 235 Anderson, Coos Bay, OR

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