Thank You!

Thank You!

As October comes to an end and the autumn storms of November bluster in, our thoughts turn to those of giving thanks. I’d like to take this time to thank the many talented artists and artisans we have in our local community. They make our world a more beautiful place to live in, and I’d like to thank them for their tireless commitment to their craft and their generosity in allowing us to see the world through the lens their art provides. It is certainly not an easy thing to be an artist. It takes a determination that is borne out of a passion for their craft to share it with us. It is an incredibly vulnerable path that takes something deeply personal and presents it to the world. Yet, it’s exciting and invigorating to see artists so passionate about what they enjoy and you inspire the public to do the same.

A big thanks also goes out to all the many galleries and organizers of local events like our Artisan Craft Fairs and Farmer’s Markets that aid in the publicity of the artists in our community. Through your dedication to the art industry you help others continue to pursue these passions despite the risks and fears that might follow. I’m also encouraged by all the new art venues and events popping up in our area!! Art exhibits and receptions are expanding to include rotating art walls in local coffee shops and office buildings, church halls and more!

Finally, thank you to the public that adores and continues to support local artists. The local community art enthusiasts give purpose to the artists that are pushed to do their best work every day because of your support. Shopping at local galleries or attending local art receptions is one of the biggest ways to show support to the artists around us. Showing up for art shows or receptions and engaging with artists inspires and creates more than just art. During this season of gratitude, I encourage readers to take a moment and appreciate what the wonderful art and artisans have heavily provided for this community. One again, I thank you all that are making a lasting difference for the art that is created and shared amongst our community.

Submitted by: Rhianna Hissam
Perspective Contributor

The Coos Bay Area Artists' Association (BAAA) has consistently produced the Perspective newsletter since 1991. Their mission to support the success of local artists combined with their non-profit status has given them the ability to present the largest compilation of artistic events in the South Oregon Coastal area every month. With the help of the marketing team at Nicart Gallery the newsletter now boasts the largest number of subscribers for an artistic publication in our region, giving the artists and galleries represented the most exposure possible while providing a singular publication for the general public to find what's happening in the local art world. 

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