What's Your Artistic Resolution for 2024?

What's Your Artistic Resolution for 2024?

A New Year has begun!! What's your artistic resolution?

With the new year comes all of our resolutions for the new and wonderful things we will endeavor to do or try or change. So what's your artistic resolution for 2024? Perhaps you're an artist who cannot wait to try that new medium you've been dying to break into. Or maybe you're just wanting to carve more time out of your schedule to spend in your studio. Maybe you're an art lover who's decided you're going to go see a new theater production or support your local arts community by attending an art market. Or maybe you're just resolved to simply bring more color and creativity into your life and the lives of those around you! 

Picking your artistic resolution doesn't have to be difficult!  Here are a few easy suggestions for bringing more art and creativity into your life in 2024!

Attend an art class! BAAA, Coos Art Museum, Art by the Sea, 346 Riverside Studio are all local venues offering multiple classes every month!

Check out an Art Reception! Local galleries are constantly hosting receptions to support local artists and introduce them to the community.

Support on Social Make posts about your own art, post what inspires you, and don't be afraid to re-post and share what's happening in our art community with your friends! It doesn't take much to help get the word out in a big way!

Join a Plein Air Painting Group Both BAAA & Coos Art Museum  have these available.

Do a Painting Party with Friends! Josie's Art Lab in Coos Bay and the Farm and Sea building in Bandon both offer these fun night events to paint the town with friends!

Artisan Markets, Festivals & Art Walks Support your local artisans by buying local OR participate in a city Art Walk. Both Bandon and Coos Bay host these fun events multiple weekends every year. 

Sell your Art  It might feel scary at first, but resolve to see what it takes to sell some art and diminish your inventory! There are lots of avenues available to start getting your art into the local marketplace. Choose one, jump in, try it out, and see what happens!

Join the Community! We are stronger when we work together and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. BAAA and CAM are always accepting new members. Art by the Sea and the Artist's Loft are always looking for volunteers and vetting new artists to join their co-ops. Get involved and help grow the arts in your area! 

Whatever you decide to do, know that we here at Perspective are resolved to keep you in the loop with everything that's happening in our local art community! Here's to a fantastically creative, wonderfully inspirational and artistically productive 2024! 

Nicole Graham
Perspective Editor 

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