2024 Soiree Artist: Chris Foster

2024 Soiree Artist: Chris Foster

Chris has been painting since he was nine years old. He is a mixed media artist working in oils, acrylic, ink, gouache, encaustic and cold wax on canvas and wood panel.

Chris’s love of art took on various forms throughout his adult life including music, film and culinary. He spent the majority of his ten year career as a professional chef in New York City. Chris then dedicated twelve years of self discovery through art in Portland, Oregon, where painting became his full time career.

His latest solo exhibit “Imaginarium” at J. Pepin Art Gallery in 2022 was an incredible success with a nearly sold out show. Most recently, in July 2023, Chris’s work was featured at the prestigious Seattle Art Fair.

Chris currently lives in Portland Oregon where he continues to pursue his ever evolving creative expansion through fine art.

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